I love coffee. More than anything. I wish I could drink it all day, but that caffeine hurts me and prevents my sleep (which is already rubbish, see my previous sleep rant.) Two coffees is my maximum – most days I’ve already had them both by 8.30am. The rest of the day I drink herbal […]

Have you got 2 minutes to prepare a healthy breakfast? Ok, plus 30 minutes in the oven. But wait, this can be your breakfasts for all week! And 2 minutes to throw into a container for breakfast al desko (or train or car or some other nicer location – beach, top of a mountain). Start […]

This healthy thing is kinda complicated. But kinda easy too. Maybe we just make our lives complicated. I’m discovering that it’s not just about diet and exercise. That stuff is important, but there’s other stuff which gets in the way of being superhero Healthyservesone. Sleep and stress. I struggle with both. Today I’m going to […]

I needed a quick dinner last night before an event. Going to an event with a full tummy keeps me away from the nibbles! Win. Now, a burger chain is not somewhere I’d ordinarily go but I’d heard others talk about Grill’d as a good option for us meat & vegetable eaters. So being the […]

Continuing my dairy experiment, I’ve been trying to work out which yogurt brands are protein-rich, made with grass-fed milk and organic. Whilst the best option is to probably make my own yogurt – I used to do it in my little flat in St.Kilda – I thought I’d start with brands I can find in […]

Well after a brief hiatus, I jumped back on the dairy bandwagon. This time, things went swimmingly. Day 7 Plum dessert – two sliced plums (from my own tree!), 5-6 almonds, dose of kefir, pinch of cinnamon Yummy dessert and no stomach issues Day 8 Had a delicious five course tasting menu at Punch Lane […]

Monday is back to work day for many Australians, including me. I’ve got used to lazy late breakfasts and need some inspiration for portable breakfasts if I don’t feel like eating at 6.15am! I need some protein, some fat and preferably some veg in my breakfast. Check out my new Pinterest page for Breakfast – […]

Following on from my post earlier in the week, things have gone a bit off the rails with my dairy reintroduction. After deciding to let dairy back into my life, I realised that I’d moved on and dairy wasn’t all that great. After Day 4, I didn’t want to eat dairy any more. Day 4 […]

After a long separation, I’ve decided to give dairy another chance. Why let dairy back into my life?  Read on for my reasons why and diary of my first few days experimenting with fermented yogurt – kefir. I follow the paleo template of eating; meat and vegetables, no grains, legumes, dairy or seed oils. (Although […]

There’s a million and one tips for “surviving the holiday season”. You know the stuff; eat before going to a party, have a drink of water between each alcoholic drink and stick to your healthy eating on non-party days. Yeah, yeah, all good advice but it doesn’t resonate with me. Then I read this blog […]


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