I’ve been experimenting with this “bread” recently and now it’s time to share with you. It’s an extension of a frittata into a more sturdy bread-like consistency. With the added bonus of using up any leafy green vegetables in the fridge. Very handy for portable breakfasts with a good slab of protein and greens. Slap […]

I hate to be one of those bloggers who says “sorry, I’ve been a slack arse in blogging but… ” But I’m gonna do it. I’ve been focusing on building my fiction writing muscles instead, which has left me little time/space for blogging. I am working on a novel (or two actually). On the health […]

Fat Aussie kids

I’ve been exploring and reading about “paleo” for two years now, but Your Personal Paleo Diet by Chris KresserĀ  took my eating to a whole new level. It was launchedĀ  in 2013. It’s also known as “Your Personal Paleo Code” in other countries. The key premise of this book is that one diet does not […]

Most days, when I’m making my lunch in the office kitchen, one of my colleagues comments “wow, you’re good…” “…that looks so healthy” “…that looks so good” I’m perplexed by these comments and I don’t really know what to respond. Sometimes I just say ‘yeah’ and deflect it, other times when I’m feeling a bit […]

I feel the desire to blog but without a fancy new single serve recipe for you. Is it a cop-out to share some of the things I’m liking? Dunno, but here’s a bunch of stuff that interested/excited me over the past week. So grab a coffee/tea and get clicky with it. Reading Be More Magazine […]

This was a recent question by a friend…what is my favourite ingredient? At the time, I said “pepper” but on reflection, it has to be COCONUT! From coconut water, coconut oil, coconut butter, shredded coconut, coconut flakes, coconut flour, coconut milk and coconut cream, I don’t go a day without the stuff! Breakfast, lunch, dinner […]

I love coffee. More than anything. I wish I could drink it all day, but that caffeine hurts me and prevents my sleep (which is already rubbish, see my previous sleep rant.) Two coffees is my maximum – most days I’ve already had them both by 8.30am. The rest of the day I drink herbal […]

Have you got 2 minutes to prepare a healthy breakfast? Ok, plus 30 minutes in the oven. But wait, this can be your breakfasts for all week! And 2 minutes to throw into a container for breakfast al desko (or train or car or some other nicer location – beach, top of a mountain). Start […]

This healthy thing is kinda complicated. But kinda easy too. Maybe we just make our lives complicated. I’m discovering that it’s not just about diet and exercise. That stuff is important, but there’s other stuff which gets in the way of being superhero Healthyservesone. Sleep and stress. I struggle with both. Today I’m going to […]


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